Sleep Apnea Disorder Center Network For Truckers

Portable Sleep Apnea Diagnostic TestingPPD partners with the best sleep diagnostic centers in the country. All of the sleep apnea disorder diagnostic centers within our network are facilities that have been accredited or are pending accreditation through either the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) or the Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO).

Our partnering centers are trained in and follow specific procedures developed by PPD. These protocols are proprietary and were developed to address the unique needs of truck drivers undergoing sleep diagnostic studies. As additional support to our partners, we offer truck driver and sleep related continuing educational services on-line for lab staff members, sleep technicians, carriers, and drivers. Additionally, PPD works closely with local representatives of the equipment providers for on-site continued equipment updates and training within our current network.

Commercial carriers are looking for alternatives to in-lab overnight sleep testing for their drivers. Using secure, identity-confirming chain-of-custody technology, PPD’s providing of ambulatory sleep testing offers carriers potential savings while having the ability to test their drivers in almost any location: in the cab, at home, or at the terminal.

PPD has a staff member on-call and available to speak with lab personnel, drivers, carriers, etc. 24/7/365.

We welcome requests for information and will stay in contact with labs who express an interest in PPD for a possible future partnership.

To obtain information on possibly becoming a member of the PPD Sleep Lab Network please submit the form below, or contact Judy Panian at 724-255-2659.

For Sleep Centers Interested in Joining our Network

Phone: 713-520-5864 Toll Free: 866-370-3102 Fax: 713-528-0433