What is the proper way to care for my CPAP equipment?

1. Your CPAP unit should be kept in a dirt and dust free environment. You will need to store your CPAP unit inside the carrying case it came in, or wrap it inside a towel/blanket after your treatment session. This will ensure that your CPAP unit is also protected from cigarette smoke contamination.

2. Make sure your CPAP unit is secured while you are driving to protect it from bouncing and falls. The following is a schedule of cleaning and maintenance recommendations:

Daily: If possible, disconnect your air tubing from your CPAP unit and hang it in a clean and dry place until next use.

If using a humidifier with your treatment, make sure you empty the water chamber of any left over water prior to driving. The CPAP unit is NOT waterproof and if there is water in the water chamber- it is very likely that your CPAP unit will suffer water damage. It is preferable to use distilled water in your humidifier chamber (to reduce the mineral ring build up inside your chamber), but not necessary.

Weekly: Wash the air tube (hose) in warm water using mild detergent (i.e. Ivory Liquid Soap) and rinse thoroughly. Drip dry away from sunlight. Wash your mask and cushion components including the harness in mild detergent. Wipe the mask and cushions dry and air dry the harness.

Monthly: Clean the exterior of the CPAP unit with a damp cloth and mild detergent.

AIR FILTERS: Your CPAP unit has a disposable air filter in the back, under the blue air filter cover. If driving in dusty conditions, it is probably a good idea to change your air filter every other month or sooner. The air filter is NOT washable or reusable.

To change the air filter:

Remove the air filter cover in the back of your CPAP unit and remove the old air filter. Insert a new filter with the blue tinted side facing out from the device. Make sure to replace the air filter cover.

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