What can I expect from a sleep lab visit?

When the driver arrives at the lab, after paperwork is filled out, he/she is led to a comfortable sleeping room. Some are equivalent to a hotel room with homey furnishings, snacks and private bathrooms.

The driver is then hooked up to about 20 electrodes — one on the chest, one on the ribcage, two on each leg, two on the chin, one on the neck, one below the eye, several on the scalp, one under each ear, a sensor under the nose, in addition to straps under the arms and around the waist.

Calibration movements are done to confirm the equipment is working before turning out the lights for 45 minutes.

Drivers are then encouraged to sleep as their behaviors are monitored.

The drivers’ test is reviewed by a Sleep Boarded Sleep Physician shortly after the completion of their sleep study.

Drivers have the opportunity to speak with a physician at any time after their sleep study and can ask as many questions as they need during their sleep study.

If and only if our drivers are diagnosed with sleep apnea, the driver will be given a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) equipment the next morning following their sleep study. This is done in order to get the driver back on the road as quickly as possible. The lab techs are specifically trained on the education needed for our commercial truck drivers.

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