My mask is leaving red marks/ sores on my face or I am experiencing high leak from my mask. Can this be remedied?

Try loosening the straps on your mask. You may also wish to use the mask fit feature on your CPAP unit. This feature delivers air pressure for a 3 minute period, prior to starting treatment, during which you can check and adjust your mask fit to minimize leaks. Note: please make sure the mask setting on your screen is the same as the mask that you are using. To start your mask fit feature:

With your mask on your face, hold down the start/stop button for at least 3 seconds until the air pressure delivery begins. You will see a series of stars rating your mask fit. ( Excellent, Very good, Good, poor etc.) These star ratings are supposed to guide you in making mask adjustments if necessary. If you continue to experience pain or high leak with you mask, please call PPD you may need another mask model.

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