How do I download my data card?

Your data card is located in the front pocket of your black or blue CPAP carrying case. 1) Once you have found your data card you will need to make sure that you replaced the cover to the back of your CPAP unit after you removed your transmitter device. This is important, because the cover guides your data card and without it- your data card may get stuck inside the CPAP unit. 2) Slide the data card into the back of your unit with the writing facing upward and the arrow pointing toward the unit. 3) Your LCD screen will prompt you with the following message: “card inserted, please wait”- “copy complete, please remove card”. 4) Once you see the “please remove card” message- remove the card- place back in the folder and mail to PPD. You should have a pre-addressed envelope- if not, our address is: 8275 El Rio, Suite 110/Houston, TX. 77054.

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