Driving Through Tears

Who inspires you?  Perhaps a famous person or maybe a beloved family member? For some it may be nature or a favorite author- poet.   Most recently for me it was a driver who shared with me a poem he had written years ago.   I thought I would share it on this blog because it touched  my heart, and I hope it touches […]

The Power of Positive Thinking

   How many of you think in terms of the glass being half full or half empty? Research shows that many of us are pre-programmed to think or react to things in certain ways and the way that we approach life can significantly impact our emotions. (WebMD) Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy puts forth the idea that our thoughts […]


Dreams…. ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz………. A necessary part of our lives- we all have them and research shows that we spend approximately 20% of our sleep time dreaming.  Unless you have a medical condition, most people have to dream because dreams play a necessary function in our lives.  People who have been deprived of dreams are more likely […]

The Importance of a Support System

Do you have a support system in place to help you through your CPAP treatment?  Someone to be an inspiration to you throughout the difficult times… to lift you up with words of encouragement… to provide you with sound information about your treatment… or simply just a patient ear to listen to your troubles…  It […]

Coping with your Sleep Apnea Diagnosis

 I wrote this article a while ago for the PPD newsletter and I wanted to include it in the blog in hopes of making it more visible.  Because my background is in Social Work, it is my mission to help drivers with their coping and adjustment issues to CPAP treatment. For some of you, the […]