The Importance of a Good Mask Fit

  Having a comfortable, well fitting mask is crucial if you are to succeed with CPAP treatment.  It is often the most difficult part of the whole treatment process and in many instances can make or break compliance.  Be wary of technicians that let you choose your own mask without first assessing for a few […]

Not Feeling so Great on CPAP Treatment?

On occasion I hear the complaint from drivers that they don’t feel any different or in fact feel worse with CPAP treatment*.  Most of these complaints are made in the very beginning of CPAP treatment and it is sometimes the normal course of adjusting to treatment.  If you are new to CPAP treatment, you are […]

Top 10 Reasons to use a CPAP

Improved sleep quality Lower blood pressure Improved mood Increased alertness Eliminate snoring Increased libido Weight loss Less chance for heart disease In diabetics – better blood sugar control Less chance for a stroke Please tell us some of your top reasons for using CPAP…. aciclovir y licor online indocin lisinopril price trandate reviews hcl minocin […]

Let’s face it, CPAP isn’t Sexy… or is it?

Let’s face it, CPAP isn’t sexy…. Or is it? I often hear, especially from our younger single drivers, that they are embarrassed to incorporate the CPAP into the bedroom. This can be a touchy subject . Even when you have an established relationship with your significant other where communication is the norm, brining a new […]

Overcome anxiety associated with CPAP treatment

Let’s face it, CPAP treatment is difficult. There is nothing natural about sleeping with a cumbersome mask/hose and inhaling/exhaling against air pressure during the night. For most of us, the whole idea of CPAP treatment can seem overwhelming, and we tend to get discouraged and give up on treatment. I know you as truck drivers […]