Judy Panian – Director of Sleep Services

Judy PanianJudy Panian is the Director of Sleep Services for Precision Pulmonary Diagnostics. She joined PPD in 2008 to assist Dr. Berger and the PPD staff with the set up and management of the sleep labs within the PPD lab network. Judy has an extensive management background, including sleep lab management, and an understanding of the trucking industry.

Part of Judy’s responsibilities with PPD is finding sleep labs that have the ability to test the commercial drivers. She researches locations that are highest in demand for carriers and reviews the sleep facilities within that area. Once a lab is chosen, Judy performs a site visit to be sure that the lab is in fact up to PPD standards. She also has to be certain that the lab will have adequate parking for a tractor and trailer. Judy understands the importance of the drivers getting into a lab, tested, and back on the road to prevent any unnecessary downtime.

Judy is pleased to offer her knowledge of sleep testing and sleep therapy to commercial drivers, as well as her management experience with the network labs. She is currently developing new relationships with sleep labs that are interested in becoming part of the PPD sleep lab network, as well as maintaining current relationships with sleep facilities and carriers. Because support is an important key component for the compliance of the commercial drivers, Judy is available to the commercial drivers and the sleep labs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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