PPD Offers OSA Portable Monitor Testing

Precision Pulmonary Diagnostics (PPD®) recently added portable monitor testing to its diagnostic offerings of sleep apnea in commercial drivers. PPD is an industry leader, providing turn-key sleep apnea disease management program and lab network.

“Commercial carriers are looking for alternatives to in-lab overnight sleep testing for their drivers,” said Dr. Mark Berger, president and chief medical officer for PPD. “Using secure, identity-confirming chain-of-custody technology, PPD’s providing of ambulatory sleep testing offers carriers potential savings while having the ability to test their drivers in almost any location: in the cab, at home, or at the terminal.”

Drivers can now be tested in their trucks or their homes while getting the same quality of medical service both drivers and employers are accustomed to.

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), sleep apnea affects 28 percent of all commercial drivers, or about 1.8 million.

PPD’s mission is to provide comprehensive, cost effective, quality management of sleep apnea- related issues prevalent in the commercial driver/operator population. By enhancing professional driver/operator safety and health, PPD aims to help employers improve the bottom line and create greater safety for the general public.

PPD’s program to detect and treat sleep apnea in commercial drivers is one of the industry’s most comprehensive programs. PPD has the ability – in just days — to screen an entire fleet for
drivers at risk. Then it is able to test, treat and provide critical coaching and compliance monitoring for drivers once treatment is initiated.

“PPD is dedicated to helping the commercial driver and their employers find solutions to the health and safety concern inherent in untreated sleep apnea,” said Wendy Sullivan, RN, Vice President of Project Implementation and Health and Safety Consultative Services for PPD. “Portable Monitors when added to a national network of labs dedicated to commercial drivers enhances the PPD experience for carriers and drivers alike.”