Sleep Apnea Treatment and CPAP Monitoring

Before leaving the testing center, drivers who require treatment will be fitted for and provided with a CPAP mask, flow generator, and heated humidifier for nightly use. It is important for drivers to understand that safety and health conditions are successfully reduced only if they adhere to nightly CPAP use. To that end, we believe the keys to compliance are driver education, CPAP comfort, and early trouble-shooting with problem solving of CPAP-related issues.

To ensure your drivers are using their equipment correctly, we at PPD have partnered with leading manufacturers of CPAP equipment, masks, and providers of wireless compliance monitoring systems. The wireless compliance monitoring provides daily information of CPAP use, efficacy, and allows near real-time troubleshooting of any problems your drivers may be experiencing. With this data, we enhance your drivers’ CPAP acceptance and long-term compliance, generating the highest objective long-term CPAP adherence rate in the nation. In short, our protocols are proven to maximize your results and your return on investment.

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