Still Snoring with PAP Treatment?

Have you or your bed partner noticed that you are still snoring or have started snoring again while on PAP (Positive Airway Pressure) treatment?  Snoring while on PAP treatment might be the result of the following:

  1. Mask leak
  2. Weight gain
  3. Age
  4. The need for pressure adjustments or a titration study

Any one or combination of these factors above can cause and or contribute to snoring while on PAP treatment.  Make sure that your mask fits well and that you are changing out the mask cushions on a regular basis.

Weight gain and age are also likely responsible for snoring issues that weren’t there before or were previously being managed by your PAP treatment.  This may indicate that your pressures need adjustment and for some of you, this may mean a titration study.  A  CPAP titration study is a sleep study that is performed while you sleep at the sleep lab with your CPAP or the lab’s CPAP equipment.  While you sleep,  a sleep techinician monitors your sleep apnea and titrates (adjusts) the CPAP unit to make sure that the unit is eliminating your sleep apnea obstructions.  However, if you are using an Auto Titrating Unit and you recently completed a sleep study, your sleep doctor or clinician can make adjustments to your APAP unit to help with snoring issues.

Make sure you let your doctor and or clinician know if you are snoring…

Safe travels!