The Power of Positive Thinking


 How many of you think in terms of the glass being half full or half empty?

Research shows that many of us are pre-programmed to think or react to things in certain ways and the way that we approach life can significantly impact our emotions. (WebMD)

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy puts forth the idea that our thoughts influence our feelings and behaviors, rather than external things like people or situations.  So in essence, we can change our behavior by changing our thoughts.  If you listen real carefully to your mind- you will begin to hear the internal dialogue that is constantly running in the background.  Most of us have become so accustomed to this dialogue that we rarely give it a second thought- many of us don’t even realize that we have an internal dialogue.  Just stop for a moment and listen to what you are telling yourself on a daily basis.

Are you your biggest cheerleader? Does your internal dialogue go something like this, “Yes- I can do this… because I’m a winner!” or are you more of a naysayer, “I can’t do this, it’s just not in the cards for me- why try, I’m only going to fail”!  Two very different approaches to life right?  Who do you think is happier or more successful in life?

When it comes to successful CPAP treatment, there is a large element of positive thinking involved.  Of course, CPAP treatment is hard and yes it takes a lot of getting used to- but how successful do you think you will be if you tell yourself “I just can’t do this!”????  So my suggestion to you naysayers out there is …. YES YOU CAN DO THIS… OF COURSE YOU CAN DO THIS and you keep on telling yourself this over and over and over again 100 times a day each and every day while you are adjusting to all of the components of treatment.  Not only does your job depend on it, but your HEALTH depends on it- your kids, wife, grandchildren, girlfriend, boyfriend are all counting on you to be healthy and take good care of yourself.

Start to apply this positive thinking to other aspects of your life, such as weight loss.  Start telling yourself that YOU ARE GOING TO LOSE WEIGHT… YOU CAN DO IT.  Again, weight loss isn’t easy, but if you tell yourself you can’t do it- or it’s just too hard to lose weight, then chances are you won’t.

I think you get the point- pretty simple right?  Think again- it’s not always easy to shift how you’ve always approached something.  It takes a lot of work and it’s not always easy- but it can be done.

REMEMBER:  YOUR THOUGHTS influence  YOUR BEHAVIOR… Listen to your internal dialogue and start to develop your own positive mantra.  YES I CAN DO THIS… OF COURSE I CAN DO THIS!

Unleash the power within you….

Safe travels,