Happy Thanksgiving

For those of you lucky enough to be home for the holidays, I hope that you are surrounded by those you care about~ whether they be family, neighbors, friends or your loyal pet…  For those of you working through the Thanksgiving holiday- I hope that you will be safe in your travels…

Some important CPAP treatment points to remember everyday but especially during the holiday festivities:

1)If you are spending the night or long weekend away from your home, remember to take your CPAP with you

2) Some of you will be sharing and toasting to the holiday with alcohol.  Remember that alcohol relaxes the muscles in the back of your throat- thus having the ability of making your sleep apnea worse.  It is very important that you use your CPAP treatment (every night) but especially after drinking.  You may be inclined to not use it- please make it a point to use your CPAP over the holidays.

3) Many of you are trying to lose or manage your weight and the holidays don’t have to be a deal breaker with your diet.  Key word to remember is portion control.  Have a little bit of everything, but limit your portions and don’t get seconds.

4) Consider taking a family walk after your Thanksgiving meal… it’s a great way to walk off some calories and spend some time outdoors with your loved ones or Fido…

Above all~ enjoy your day with whomever you decide to spend it with….

Happy Thanksgiving from the PPD Team…

Safe travels!