Changing Your Mask Inserts

How often do you replace your mask inserts (the  soft silicone cushion that inserts into the mask frame)?  Unfortunately, it is all too common for drivers to go months and sometimes years with the same mask and mask inserts.  Like a toothbrush, the inserts must be changed frequently in order to maintain optimal therapy.  Over time, the inserts begin to harden and lose their elasticity and pliability that helps them form a good seal on your face.  This is important because without a good seal, you will most likely start to experience a leak which will in time affect the delivery of your CPAP treatment and how you feel after treatment.  The rule of thumb is changing the insert or cushion out on a monthly basis.

Try comparing a used insert to a new cushion insert side by side and you will see the difference.

Rremember, the rule of thumb for a toothbrush is changing it every 3 months and a mask insert should be changed out monthly.

Safe travels!