The importance of driver champions

Every once in a while we come across drivers who, because their lives have been positively impacted by CPAP treatment, want to give back to their trucking peers and community. We refer to those drivers as “Driver Champions.” These drivers are available to counsel and help other drivers who are struggling with CPAP treatment. In some cases, driver champions can provide the extra support and encouragement that can make a huge impact in a driver who is struggling with CPAP treatment. Sometimes just hearing another driver’s story or perspective — how they themselves struggled with the mask fit or where the best location to place a CPAP unit in the sleeper berth might be, can help ease the anxiety associated with being a newcomer to the world of CPAP.

Recently, I requested the assistance of one of our driver champions to help with a challenging driver case. I was working with a driver who was having a very difficult time with the whole CPAP experience — pressure, mask and anxiety issues as well as where to place the CPAP equipment in his sleeper berth. I knew it was going to take a “village” to help this driver, so I called one of our champions and requested his help. Not long after the initial call, both of my drivers where in contact with each other and to this day continue to check in with each other on a weekly basis. My driver is no longer struggling with treatment and most of his issues have since been resolved.

This case exemplifies the very best of the generous spirit of drivers helping each other. I know for a fact my driver champion spent several hours of his personal time, coaching and counseling my struggling driver.

We cannot overlook the importance and powerful role internal driver champions play in their company’s sleep apnea program. Because of their positive outlook and wealth of CPAP experience, they are strategically placed to be great internal advocates.

I would like to personally celebrate and thank all of our driver champions for your exceptional commitment and service to our sleep apnea program!

Has anybody else had any experience with driver champions? Or, does a driver champion have a story to tell?

If you are a driver and are interested in being a driver champion, please email me at