CPAP Equipment

Overcome anxiety associated with CPAP treatment

Let’s face it, CPAP treatment is difficult. There is nothing natural about sleeping with a cumbersome mask/hose and inhaling/exhaling against air pressure during the night. For most of us, the whole … [Read More...]

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Industry News

How Sleep Apnea Impacts the Commercial Trucking Industry

According to the FMCSA, it is estimated that sleep apnea affects 28% of all commercial drivers (approximately 1.8 million drivers). Untreated, sleep apnea contributes to hypertension, diabetes, and … [Read More...]

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Mental Health

Coping with your Sleep Apnea Diagnosis

 I wrote this article a while ago for the PPD newsletter and I wanted to include it in the blog in hopes of making it more visible.  Because my background is in Social Work, it is my mission to help … [More...]

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